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Curriculum summary Individual achievement lies at the heart of our wide-ranging curriculum; we offer a balanced and varied range of subjects to ensure that each student’s potential can be discovered and developed to the highest level. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts, through problem solving, researching, working collaboratively and developing thinking and study skills as well as practical tasks.  Excellence underpins every aspect of school life and great emphasis is placed on strong subject teaching. The success of this ethos is demonstrated by our improving pass rates at Junior Secondary School (JSS) year 3 and Senior Secondary School (SSS) year 3 results.

JSS Stage – In JSS1 to JSS3 the timetable covers Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, computer Studies, Civic Education, French Language, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Yoruba Language, Home Economics, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Quranic Recitation. A choice of Football, Rugby, Cricket, Table Tennis and Field/Track Athletics.

SSS Stage – The curriculum has been designed to provide a strong foundation for further education and flexibility of future choices.  Pupils usually take from a choice twenty subject options in total, the compulsory subjects being English and Mathematics, Yoruba and Languages, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Optional subjects include Visual Arts, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Islamic Studies, Agricultural Science. Geography, Arabic Language, Financial Accounting, Literature in English, Quranic Recitation and Government.

Strong teaching provision is supported by the school’s developing facilities and pupils are encouraged to question and think independently; to make use of the growing library to optimum advantage and use IT as a constructive tool.  Within this supportive framework of academic guidance and close pastoral care, the pupils visibly grow in confidence and look forward to new challenges and responsibilities.